Our mission is to globalize Korean alcohol in an accessible and inclusive way.

On a trip to Korea in 2017, I re-discovered makgeolli, a traditional Korean alcohol made with rice. I learned that makgeolli was Korea's 
oldest alcoholic beverage and that there were hundreds of different 
makgeolli breweries.

 With just three ingredients, I was fascinated that makgeolli could taste so delicious and diverse, and was 
disappointed by the makgeolli options I found back home in the US. 

At the time, I was working in the alcohol industry, and as a Korean American, I realized I wanted to launch a company focusing on Korean alcoholic beverages (AKA sool). 
Whether on its own, with food, or shared with the ones you love, I hope you enjoy our sool as much as I do. 


Carol Pak, Founder

Carol Pak | Founder + CEO

Rosemary Bang | Operations Director

Elizabeth Yik | Creative Lead